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INFI Advanced Materials Co.,ltd
Infi Advanced Materias Co.,Ltd a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, promotion, application, testing and sales of industrial synthetic diamond.

The advanced technology, excellent production equipment and advanced testing equipment make our product quality in the industry at an advanced level.  By 2022, we have 60 CVD growth equipments for growing CVD single crystals, and 70 sets of  850 hexagonal presses for producing HPHT synthetic diamond single crystals for industrial use.

The products include single crystal of various grades and sizes, and lab grown diamonds.  It is mainly exported to Europe, the United States, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, with good market reputation. 

We not only provide synthetic diamond, but also provide customers with the overall solution of diamond tool products.

We have carried out close cooperation with Jilin University in production, teaching and research, and established a designated industrial diamond testing experimental station to provide testing services for the quality of industrial diamonds throughout the country.​​​​​​​

Development History
We started to provide high quality synthetic diamond to domestic diamond tool manufacturers since2003. We utilize a wide range of advanced production equipment and test instrumentation in an environment using strict quality control procedures for all our products. As a diamond supplier, we provide a wide range of diamond products and solutions for many well-known Chinese diamond tools enterprises. Among these enterprises are more than 20 well-known enterprises who have enjoyed at least 15 years with us.
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Company Advantage
For decades, we have provided diamond matierials solutions for varity of diamond products to our customers.

Whether the size of the diamond is large or small, the strength is high or low, the purity is good or bad, every single diamond has a best particular appplicaton.

Different diamond tools have different requirements on diamond, sharpness and workling life is always conflict, We continuously optimize and improve diamond formulations, adjust the the performance of size, shape, strength, wear resistance, purity, self sharpening , using different levels of diamond to adapt the most appropriate diamond tools greatly improve the sharpness and working life of the tools, and reduce the production cost.
Our products are widely used in mechanical processing, oil and gas drilling, coal mining, construction , transportation, and some others are used in stone, automobile, cast iron, ceramic, hard alloy, fiber, semiconductor, magnetic materials cutting and grinding area.
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