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MCD diamond
Size: 1mm - 7mm
Application: Cutting tools / Dressing 
tools / Wire Dies /  Wear parts
CVD Diamond
Size: 3mm - 12mm
Application: Mechanic / Optic / Electronic
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Unique  Innovative solutions and applications


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Seeds & Substrates

Seeds for CVD growth or substrate for other growth

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Sawing&drilling tools

For diamond saw , drill bits


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Used for loose diamonds, jewelry

Optical lens

For optical lens and infrared optical instruments

Grinding&Polishing tools

For grinding wheels, polishing pads .etc

Diamond Cutters

Used for turning  milling tools.cutters 


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Drawing die core

Used for drawing die or  wear parts


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Nano coating

Highly dispersive nano sheet for  anti-corrosion coating


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Diamond dressing tools

Used for diamond dressers. chisel ect...


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Thermal conductor

Thermalconductivity> 1500 w/ ( m · K)

Quantum Research

Semiconductor and quantum  research


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Single crystal CVD uses a single crystal diamond substrate as a base to grow single crystal diamond by vapor phase epitaxy. 
The single crystal diamond substrate used can be natural diamond, HPHT diamond or CVD diamond.
Diamond has an exceptionally high transmission over a very broad range of wavelengths and low scatter in IR applications. It is extremely hard and chemically inert, making CVD diamond the optimal choice in applications demanding higher power, larger area, and resistance to hazardous materials or greater strength. These abilities also enable smaller material geometries to be used, which opens up new lightweight applications.
MCD is mono crystal diamond ,  which is made by high temperature and high pressure method.
 Our company can provide the size of 1 mm-7 mm.
it has excellent properties such as high hardness, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and high chemical stability , meeting various application requirements of dressing tools (including single point, mult-point, rotary and roller dressers), special cutting tools and indenters, and can also be used in jewelry, handicraft and other fields of application and consumption.
The cutting tool made of MCD has excellent performance. It not only has sharp edge, high precision and small cutting force, but also has high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability.which can meet the requirements of precision and ultra-precision machining on tool materials, and extend the service life of the tool, enabling long-term continuous cutting and reducing the influence of tool wear on the accuracy of parts. 
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Superhard Materials and Products Industry Exchange Conference is held in Changsha city
14 October 2021

On October 14, the 2021 Superhard Materials and Products Industry Exchange Conference jointly sponsored by Hunan New Materials Industry Association and Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Changsha city.

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Diamond diameter and weight comparison table
27 October 2021

重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)重量 (ct)直径 (mm)

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Mesh and micron comparison table
04 August 2021


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