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Lab Diamonds Are Becoming More And More Popular
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Lab Diamonds Are Becoming More And More Popular

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There are two main methods for producing lab diamonds: high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). These are two process methods. The most common method in China is still the high temperature and high pressure method, and the process is relatively mature, which can produce high-purity and high-color diamonds. There are also chemical vapor deposition methods that have relatively low production capacity, and the economics of producing bare diamonds of about 1 carat are relatively low. In the future, CVD is more suitable for producing loose diamonds larger than 2 carats. However, both processes have room for improvement and can coexist in the future.   


If natural diamonds are a gift from nature, then cultivating diamonds is more like the crystallization of human wisdom. Unlike natural diamonds that need to be experienced in the depths of the earth for millions of years, it generally only takes a few weeks to produce and cultivate diamonds in the laboratory, and the price is about one-third of natural diamonds.


In this regard, the production technician said: "With the improvement of the process, the physical and chemical properties of lab diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. The subtle differences can only be distinguished by a spectrometer, and the difference is basically invisible to the naked eye." Some people even joked: "And Compared with natural diamonds, lab diamonds cannot be said to be totally unrelated, but they are the same."


Consumer trends are also changing. Industry insiders indicate that the current customers of lab diamonds are mainly born in the 90s and 00s, and their acceptance of new things will be higher. For the same price, if you buy lab diamonds, it is much larger than natural diamonds. Many, after all, there is a big price difference between the two now.


A post-90s female customer told reporters: "Under this price advantage, they are still more tempted to cultivate diamonds.


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