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Lab Diamonds Ushered in Multiple Benefits.
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Lab Diamonds Ushered in Multiple Benefits.

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After years of dormancy, lab diamonds ushered in an explosion driven by multiple benefits. The latest data in 2021 shows that India's lab diamond imports and exports have reached a record high, and the industry is booming. The two technical routes of HPHT and CVD have their own merits, and the industry has deep barriers. There is a reasonable room for price reductions in the future, which is conducive to the further opening of the market. The positioning of lab diamonds does not conflict with natural diamonds. The European and American markets have a high degree of acceptance, and the Chinese market is in its infancy, with huge opportunities.


Accumulation and accumulation, lab diamonds ushered in multiple benefits.


1) The entry of natural diamond giant De Beers and the change in attitude towards lab diamonds are positive signs.


2) The advancement of the preparation process has promoted the overall improvement of the weight, clarity and color of the product, and the quality has been able to meet consumer demand.


3) GIA has launched a grading certificate for lab diamonds, and the certification system has been gradually improved.


4) The epidemic has accelerated the popularity of lab diamonds, and Indian export data shows that the industry is booming.


5) HPHT and CVD have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the industry space is vast. At present, the HPHT method is relatively mature, and it has been able to supply 1-2 carats of the mainstream loose stone consumer market in batches. The defect is the purity problem caused by the metal catalyst, especially in large-grain diamonds; the diamond produced by the CVD method has high clarity and heavy weight. , The disadvantage is that the growth cycle is long and the color is unstable. If there are breakthroughs in the growth process and machine expansion in the future, there will be room for cost reduction. According to industry experts, the reserves of jewelry-grade natural diamonds are limited. With the increase in mining costs, the output is expected to gradually decline in the next 10-20 years. The cultivation of diamonds is expected to make up for the supply gap, and the space is vast.

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