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Some small knowledge of diamond micro powder
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Some small knowledge of diamond micro powder

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The definition and classification of one diamond micro powder

Generally speaking, grinding and polishing powder materials with abrasive particle size less than 54 microns are called micro-powder.

The micro-powder processed with diamond as raw material is called diamond micro-powder.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of new application fields, the particle size of many diamond powder has been far greater than 54 microns.

There are many kinds of diamond micro-powder, and the diamond micro-powder produced by crushing, purification, grading and other processes using low-strength synthetic diamond as raw material is the most common variety.

These products cover the particle size range of tens of nanometers to tens of microns, with high cost performance, and currently occupy most of the market share of diamond powder. With the continuous expansion of application fields, various types of diamond micro-powders appear on the market according to different uses.


1. According to different sources of raw materials, it can be divided into natural diamond powder and synthetic diamond powder.

Low -grade natural diamonds that cannot be used for jewelery, can be produced into micro powder,  which can be used for industrial grinding and polishing, such as post-processing of precious stones and precision parts. 

With the rapid development of industry. The demand for diamond powder in the field of grinding and polishing has increased sharply, and the output of natural diamond powder is far from meeting the market demand. The emergence of synthetic diamond has solved this problem. It provides sufficient raw materials for diamond powder.

 Synthetic diamond powder is widely used in grinding hard and brittle materials. As powder material, it can be used for grinding and polishing various natural gemstones, artificial gemstones, glass, ceramics and other materials. It can be used for cutting, grinding and polishing of semiconductor materials such as silicon wafers, sapphire wafers and other components. It can also be made into a variety of products, such as precision grinding wheels, diamond composite discs, precision grinding discs, wire drawing dies, etc. It can be used in geological drilling, optical glass processing, metal wire production and many other leading cities.

2. According to the strength of raw material diamond, it can be divided into high strength diamond powder and low strength diamond powder.

The former is micro-powder produced with high-strength diamond as raw material. The micro-powder has high single particle strength, low internal impurity content and low magnetism. The latter uses low strength diamond as raw material. The product has good self-sharpening.

3. According to the different crystal structure of diamond, it can be divided into single crystal diamond powder ,polycrystalline diamond powder, and Nano diamond powder.

Single powder  

     Single crystal diamond powder  

 Polycrystalline diamond powder

             Polycrystalline diamond powder

    Nano diamond

                                            Nano diamond powder

Single crystal diamond micro-powder is made of synthetic diamond single crystal abrasive grains by static pressure method, which are processed by crushing and shaping, and produced by special process of superhard materials. Its particles retain the single crystal characteristics of single crystal diamond. It has a cleavage surface. When it is impacted by external forces, it will preferentially break along the cleavage surface, exposing new "edge".

Polycrystalline diamond powder is a kind of micron and submicron polycrystalline diamond particles formed by the combination of diamond grains with a diameter of 5~10 nm through unsaturated bonds, and the internal isotropy has no cleavage surface. It has high toughness. Due to its unique structure and performance, it is often used for grinding and polishing of semiconductor materials and precision ceramics.

In addition, nano-diamond produced by detonation method,This kind of diamond is synthesized by the surplus carbon atoms in the negative oxygen balance explosive under the appropriate detonation conditions. It is a secondary aggregate composed of diamond grains with a diameter of 5-20 nanometers. The powder appearance is generally gray and black. Nanodiamond has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. It can be used for precision polishing of hard disks, semiconductors, etc., and can be used as lubricant additives to significantly improve the lubricating performance of lubricating oil, To reduce wear, it can be added to rubber and plastics to strengthen product performance, and can also be applied to metal molds, tools, components and other surfaces as excellent functional materials to enhance surface hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity and prolong service life.

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