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Single crystal diamond cutting tools -MCD, CVD
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Single crystal diamond cutting tools -MCD, CVD

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Single crystal diamond cutting tools-MCD, CVD

The hardness of diamond cutting tools reaches HV9000-10000, which is the hardest substance known in nature. The finished tool can maintain dimensional stability for a long time during cutting, so it has a long service life. The arc part of the cutting edge of a tool made of natural diamond has no chip when observed under a 400x microscope. It is suitable for processing gold, silver, copper, aluminum (aluminum alloy), zinc (zinc alloy), acrylic (plexiglass) and other materials. The performance roughness can reach Ra(0.01-0.025)μm.


Natural single crystal diamond cutting tools are suitable for finishing copper, aluminum and their alloy materials, and are widely used in jewelry, watches, instrument manufacturing, LED products, acrylic products, aluminum products, aerospace, automobiles and other fields, such as: motorcycle wheels, Turning high-gloss parts of cameras, mobile phone parts, precious metals, various hardware high-gloss casings, watch hubs, surface calendar windows, pen making, fishing gear, contact lenses, etc. It has the characteristics of low loss, long life, easy to use and can ensure extremely high processing accuracy and mirror finish.

Classification of single crystal diamond cutting tools

1. Single crystal chamfering cutters

Precision machining diamond chamfering knife - an important measure to improve the safety and appearance of the product. Although the chamfering process is inconspicuous, it is also an indispensable process to eliminate burrs, edges and corners after parts are processed and to facilitate assembly. At the same time, It is also an important measure to improve the safety and look and feel of products.

2. Diamond Highlight cutters

According to different welding methods, chamfering cutters can be divided into high-gloss chamfering cutters and high-gloss milling cutters. The high-gloss chamfering knife can be used for digital camera casings, DVD/VCD/audio knobs, furniture decorative parts, digital lenses, etc. A high-gloss chamfering knife using a single-sided welding method is used to chamfer the casing of iPhone/IPAD, which can achieve the effect of no burrs, no scratches, good drainage, and mirror high gloss.

3. Single crystal diamond milling cutters

Single crystal milling tools - single crystal diamond milling cutters, in addition to conventional single crystal arc milling cutters and single crystal ball milling cutters, there are also single crystal micro milling cutters, which are made of single crystal diamond and are very sharp and durable blade.

4.Diamond contour cutters

The blade shape can be customized according to specific processing needs. Common shapes include straight lines, curves, V-shapes, and U-shapes. During the cutting process of single crystal silicon, the single crystal profile knife contacts the single crystal silicon material by rotating and applying pressure to achieve cutting and reduction.

5. Diamond polishing cutters

It can be used for fine polishing of acrylic panels, LCD panels, light guide plate modules, reflectors, central air-conditioning frames and aluminum alloy plates. It can also be used for vertical machine tools. The shank requirement of the diamond polishing knife is: BT40/30, recommended Number of revolutions: 3000 (min-1), tool feed speed: 120-200mmr/min, feed amount: 0.03-0.05mm. Reasonably adjust the rotation speed and tool feed according to the depth of cut, machine tool rigidity and other usage conditions.

6.Diamond turning tool

Single crystal diamond turning tools can be customized into various forming turning tools according to customer processing requirements. The minimum tip angle of the diamond turning tools we produce can be 15°, the tip arc is 500nm, and the waviness is 10nm, even in arcs In larger cases, the waviness can also be controlled within 100nm. When processing parabolic tools, the waviness can also reach 100nm, and the curvature radius error can reach 200nm.


The single crystal diamond cutting tools we produce have a waviness within 100nm, a smoothness within 10nm, and a minimum arc radius of 0.001mm. They have the following characteristics and advantages:

1. Extremely high hardness: Single crystal diamond tools have a hardness exceeding CBN and other materials. It can withstand high pressure and wear, maintaining the sharpness and stability of the blade.

2. Excellent wear resistance: It has excellent wear resistance and can maintain a long service life in high-speed cutting and high-temperature environments. It can withstand high temperature, high pressure and chemical reactions of metal materials, and is not easy to wear or degrade.

3. High cutting efficiency: Due to its extremely high hardness, it can provide high cutting efficiency in cutting processing, achieve high-speed cutting, high feed rate and large cutting depth, reduce processing time and improve production efficiency.

4. High-precision machining: Single crystal diamond tools can achieve high-precision machining, maintaining small tolerances and excellent surface quality. It removes defects and blemishes on the material surface and provides a smooth, flat processing surface.

5. Suitable for processing hard materials: It is especially suitable for processing hard materials, such as carbide, ceramics, glass, etc. It can effectively cut these materials and achieve high-precision and high-efficiency processing. Suitable tool types: fiber optic single crystal cutting knife, single crystal diamond blade, single crystal diamond turning tool, milling cutter, contour knife, chamfering knife, grooving knife, etc.

6. Wide range of applications: Single crystal diamond cutting tools are used in many fields, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic device manufacturing, gemstone processing, etc. It plays a key role under the requirements of high-precision and high-efficiency machining. When using single crystal diamond tools, appropriate cutting parameters and processes need to be considered to give full play to its advantages.

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