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Diamond prices will continue to decline.
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Diamond prices will continue to decline.

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In June, foreign media reported that the diamond price index has fallen by 6.5% this year, and is even 18% lower than its historical high in February 2022. Diamond prices are continuing to plummet, and it is expected that diamond prices will continue to decline in the future until everyone's perception of diamond preservation is overturned.

The price of diamonds is the result of a two-way effect between supply and demand. From the demand side, the main function of diamonds is marriage, and the main market is East Asia. Due to various reasons, East Asia has experienced a decline in marriage rates, which objectively compresses the demand market for diamonds. On the other hand, the correlation between diamonds and love is also weakening, and after centuries of marketing, consumers generally experience aesthetic fatigue.


From the supply side, the supply of diamonds has become abundant due to the addition of cultivated diamonds. Diamond suppliers led by De Beers have been controlling the supply of diamonds for a hundred years to maintain the price of diamonds by scarcity. But diamonds are just a form of carbon, and carbon is as much as it needs on the earth. It is not difficult to cultivate diamonds , for example, to imitate the formation environment of natural diamonds through high temperature and pressure. For example, through chemical deposition, a small diamond seed is required to attach carbon elements, and finally becomes a Great Diamond. Internationally, there are also many people promoting the cultivation of diamonds, such as the International Diamond Association recognizing that cultivating diamonds is a diamond and no longer distinguishing between cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds.

Both supply and demand have led to a downward trend in diamond prices, and the strange thing may not be that diamonds are diving, but why diamonds are diving at this time, and the diving range is not yet very high. In fact, this is still due to the manipulation of diamond dealers. For example, De Beers always emphasizes the difference between natural diamonds and cultivated diamonds, and makes the brand of cultivated diamonds independent, and even suggests consumers not to wear cultivated diamonds on important occasions. Even diamond merchants have invented machines to distinguish between cultivated diamonds and artificial diamonds, using fine textures to distinguish them. These actions are all aimed at rebuilding the Scarcity of diamonds and raising the price of diamonds with Scarcity. But now, all efforts are in vain, and the trend of technology is unstoppable.

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