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Lab Diamonds Are In Short Supply In 2021
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Lab Diamonds Are In Short Supply In 2021

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Lab diamonds refer to diamonds that are produced and made by artificially simulating the crystallization characteristics of natural diamonds. According to revealed news, China, as the world's largest producer of lab diamonds, has a production capacity of about 3 million carats, accounting for about 50%.


Although lab  diamonds have only entered the public eye in recent years, they have a long history.  Suppliers said: "Lab diamonds are basically in short supply now, mainly because they have become popular since the second half of last year. Due to several major events, one It is the country's largest gemstone association that recognizes the status of cultivated diamonds, and the other is Pandora's announcement of abandoning the use of natural diamonds and turning to full use of lab diamonds."


Industry insiders also indicate that the market demand is huge now, and all manufacturers together cannot meet the market demand. This demand will not be a big problem for at least three years, and each company's focus is on capacity expansion. The market demand for lab diamonds is in a fast-rising stage, and the number of sales is steadily increasing.


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