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The Ideal Material For Quantum Technology - Diamond
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The Ideal Material For Quantum Technology - Diamond

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Diamond is a major participant in the revolution of quantum materials and quantum technology. In addition to diamond quantum computers, there are many applications. For example, GPS diamond magnetometers that use NV color centers to measure magnetic fields, and NV color center diamonds to enhance magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Element Six, a well-known company in the super-hard materials industry, announced on June 15, 2020 the launch of the first commercial chemical vapor deposition (CVD) quantum grade diamond DNV-B1™. It provides an ideal quantum-level material for scientists who are studying nitrogen vacancy (NV) systems for quantum demonstrations, pulsars, radio frequency radiation detection, gyroscopes, sensing and other projects.


As the king of materials, diamond also has high hardness, high thermal conductivity at room temperature, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, good chemical stability, large band gap (5.5eV), doping-induced semiconductor characteristics and high optical transparency. Many excellent characteristics, such as over-rate, make it have broad application prospects in many fields such as mechanical processing, microelectronic devices, optical windows and surface coatings.


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